Jun-Shi-Song: The Tale of Winter

Complete: Dec 10′ – Jan 12′

“Jun” is set in the distant future, the year 2978. We follow the battle and life of a young Japanese-Victorian descendant named Jun-Shi-Song, his home that of the great northern Japanese City of Sapporo, located in Hokkaido.

You can read Jun-Shi-Song here: Jun-Shi-Song


– Cast –


Age: 17

Considered to be a quiet boy, Jun has always been very collective about situations, nothing ever seems to faze him – unless you negatively comment on his green eyes. Jun is also the right-hand-man of Sunflower leader, Lee-Sho, the two of them having been friends since their childhood due to both of them growing up in Sakura. After Jun’s mother’s passing, his father became a botanist for the Sakura Research Centre to continue his wife’s work. Jun is considered a “half-breed” due to his mothers Victorian blood.


Age: 18

Leader of  The Sunflowers and daughter of top botanist Fujiwara Sho, she has spent all of her life protecting Sakura. She often spends her nights amongst the bloomlotus.

Being an old friend of Jun’s, the both of them get along quite well despite her aggression towards those who upset the Floral Grounds outside the research centre. When her father gave her a light board, she and Jun formed The Sunflowers. Lee too is of Victorian decent, this is the reason for her blue eyes and blue hair. Her father being of Chinese-Japanese descent.

Tatsuki Miyazaki

Age: 20

The oldest of the Sunflowers, Tatsuki is also the most handy of the five. Having advanced knowledge in mechanics, his skills often come in handy. Meeting Lee through her father, Tatsuki immediately fell in love with the idea of a “Guardian Force” of sorts for Sakura – a neighbouring district he had grown quite fond of. Having much engineering talent under his belt, he’s always finding ways to tweak and “upgrade” light based mechanics. Tatsuki is also the only member of The Sunflowers to ever hear Cho talk.

Hisagi “Hi” Kasunabi

Age: 19

Though large and quite silent, Hi has always been a large supporter of Lee and The Sunflowers. His main reason being, to protect the beauty of the district.

Having spent most of his life in the neighbouring district of Koi, Hi finally was able to move to Sakura – where he met Lee and Jun. The Sunflowers home of operations being his flat. Now living amongst his friends, he’s found Sakura to be worth protecting.


Age: 15

Being the youngest of the group, Cho is also the most silent, none of the members – except Tatsuki – have ever heard him speak.

Cho’s reasons for coming to Sakura are a bit fuzzy but from what Tatsuki has told the group, it is because his mother is a Botanist with the Research Centre – though this has never really be proven or looked into. There is also no real explanation as to why he only talks to Tatsuki and no one else. Lee has presumed it is because both Cho and Tatsuki share a love of mechanics.

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