Elisabeth Raynard

Elisabeth Raynard: The Tale of Autumn

Complete: Oct 15′ – June 16′

Born to the fantastical world of New Zaria, Elisabeth Raynard is a young shut in owner of a pub nestled on New Zaria’s fifth island. She’s hardly ever left her little part of the world but strange and interesting people always manage to find her…

You can read Elisabeth Raynard here: Elisabeth Raynard


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Elisabeth Raynard

Age: 26

Young owner of a small pub on New Zaria’s fifth island, Elisabeth has never been one to venture outside of her little domain. She spent much of her life living under the protection of her old father, taking over for him after his sudden passing. Though meek, she carries her self with a strong attitude and seldom lets freeloaders onto her turf. No one is quite sure what happened to her eye, the rumours of it often fall deaf on her ears.

Thadius House

Age: 26

A mysterious yet cheerful young man, Thadius graced Elisabeth’s doorstep one day and strangely never left. He has a love of all things machinery and carries himself like that of a Britannia professor – Elisabeth has an inkling that this could be because he is one though he has never said. Spending much of his time entertaining the regulars so as Elisabeth doesn’t have to, Thadius has taken a liking to his new surroundings.

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