— The Tales of the Seasons —

– Original One-shot Series –

The Tales of the Seasons is a  series of one-shots based on the stories of six individuals and their lives. It is also focused around the four seasons and cycles – solstice and equinox. Each story takes place during that season. There are currently no plans for Solstice.

— Nate Varal: The Tale of Equinox – 


Complete: Oct 16′ – Sept 18′

Young Captain Nate and his crew are set on a mission to take down a dangerous group of terrorists, what lies in store for them will be their greatest challenge yet…

— Elisabeth Raynard: The Tale of Autumn – 

Elisabeth Banner

Complete: Oct 15′ – June 16′

Born to the fantastical world of New Zaria, Elisabeth Raynard is a young shut in owner of a pub nestled on New Zaria’s fifth island. She’s hardly ever left her little part of the world but strange and interesting people always manage to find her…

— Jarah: The Tale of Summer – 

Jarah Banner

Complete: June 14′ – Nov. 14′

After the day the sky fell to the Earth, nomad Abir comes across a small child, to whom he calls Jarah. Now living in the settlement of Aza, Jarah wants nothing more than to live peacefully with his family – unaware that his unique appearance will cause him more harm than good…

— Marco Valentine: The Tale of Spring – 

Complete: April 12′ – Jan. 13′

“Marco” is set in the year 2950. We follow the tale of a young knight-in-waiting as he challenges himself to gain his knighthood and save his daughters future. A Britannians tale of strength and valor.

— Jun-Shi-Song: The Tale of Winter —


Complete: Dec 10′ – Jan. 12′

“Jun” is set in the distant future, the year 2978. We follow the battle and life of a young Japanese-Victorian descendant named Jun-Shi-Song, his home that of the great northern Japanese City of Sapporo, located in Hokkaido.