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 Alfred Icon– Alfred Innsmith –

A young Devonshire born “Occult Enthusiast”, Alfred has spent much of his life shut away in libraries and academic halls until recently. Mustering the courage to step into a more professional line of mythical studies, he had spent the last few years or so traveling around the English countryside looking for anyone who might need his aid. When his hunts fell short, he gathered up what little coin he had and made his way into the highlands of Scotland. After the fiasco that was the “Fangs of Inverness”, Alfred now takes his travels elsewhere, hoping to find a Baron that might employ him.

First Appearance: Issue 01 – Fangs of Inverness
Age: 21

alice-icon – Alice Little – 

Young daughter of Lisa and Hendrick Little, Alice grew up in the small village of Scone in a massive estate built by her family. Due to never being around other children her age, she spent most of her time locked away in her room imagining stories of young adventurers and princesses. After the death of her parents, she was left all alone in the large manor, Mr. Fairweather being the only one who would visit her on occasion. She doesn’t have much memory of Malcolm Hatter visiting and can only recall small details of the events which transpired during Sara’s visitation. She now lives in Dundee as a resident of the Northshire Asylum.

First Appearance: Issue 03 – Through The Looking Glass – Pt 2
Age: 11

Clarence Icon– Clarence Goodfaith –

Raised amongst the Sisters of Goodfaith, Clarence learned how to control her cleric abilities and at the age of 30, moved to Dundee. Where she promptly became the Cleric of Northshire. Becoming it’s primary caretaker under Robert Mead – the Baron of River Tay. Clarence’s motherly and selfless nature has made her well known throughout Dundee, she is never above healing the sick or mending any hurt animal. Her loyalty to Robert and Northshire has kept her around for nearly ten years, always being their to aide Robert or Sara whenever they manage to hurt themselves.

First Appearance: Issue 04 – The Baron of River Tay
Age: 37

Pippin Icon– Pippin –

Pippin is a small blue avian familiar, once attached to Robert’s oldest brother, he now spends his time as a messenger, collecting mail and other important documents for Robert. He has a fairly aggressive tone but is naturally harmless. He favourite pass-time is pestering guests.

First Appearance: Issue 04 – The Baron of River Tay

sclymgour icon

– Sclymgour –

Sclymgour is a young rock golem from a highland tribe that Robert’s father took in after the tribe was removed from it’s home due to mining. To thank the Meads, Scylmgour’s father offered his sons’ help to the Meads. Sclymgour mostly does gardening and other manual labour but has been known to fight off unwanted intruders. He loves small granite pebbles and clusters of rich soil.

First Appearance: Issue 04 – The Baron of River Tay