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 Sara Holmes - Icon - 1– Sara Holmes –

Finding his way to Scotland at an early age, Sara Holmes now spends his time traveling the countryside and the four corners of Europe helping any and all who might need aid as an appointed Mythical Regulator. Guided by the tutelage of the Baron of River Tay – Robert Mead, a famed Regulator himself – the lad has gathered a large array of tools and skills to help him with his jobs. Straight to the point and diligent, though Sara is young, many respect the lad for his ability to get a job done without causing too much of a mess.

First Appearance: Issue 01 – Fangs of Inverness
Occupation: Mythical Regulator – Employed under Baron of River Tay – Alba Region
Age: 25
Relations: Robert Mead (Employer), George Banks (Assistant)

– George Banks –George - Icon - 1.png

Lost in the northern wilderness near the village of Inverness, George has little memory of where he comes from or who he is. He has come to be very protective of the young Sara Holmes due to the regulators helpful nature. George is now on a journey to find out his real identity and the secrets of his lycanthropy.

First Appearance: Issue 01 – Fangs of Inverness
Occupation: Regulator-in-Training – Employed under Baron of River Tay – Alba Region
Age: Unknown
Relations: Sara Holmes (Associate), Robert Mead (Employer)

robert icon - 1– Robert Mead –

Being the youngest of the Mead family, Robert was able to spend much of his child and early adulthood traveling the world. After the death of his father and the unfortunate situations of his siblings, he reluctantly took on the mantle of the Baron of River Tay. Unlike most Barons, Robert doesn’t spend his time behind a desk asking others to do his work, he is very hands on prefers to do regulator work himself. Though hesitant, when Sara was 15, he took the lad on as his first and only apprentice. Due to Sara being elevated to Mythical Regulator, Robert now spends most of his time focused on the Northshire Asylum as well as the local well being of Dundee and the adjacent villages.

First Appearance: Issue 04 – The Baron of River Tay
Occupation: Baron of River Tay – Mythical Regulator – Alba Region
Age: 53
Relations: Sara Holmes (Associate), George Banks (Associate), Clarence Goodfaith (Employer)