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Sara Holmes – Issue 04 – The Baron of River Tay

After a long night of tackling the menace that was Malcolm Hatter, Sara, George and the young Alice Little return to Dundee to meet Sara’s employer. The Baron of River Tay, Robert Mead.

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Sara Holmes – Issue 03 – Through The Looking Glass – Pt 2

Fighting their way through the illusion-ridden estate, George and Sara must stop the mad magician Malcolm Hatter and rescue the young Miss Alice Little…

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Sara Holmes – Issue 02 – Through The Looking Glass – Pt 1

On their way home from a long journey, Sara Holmes and new associate George, stop off in the village of Scone to investigate a mysterious visitor as well as the going-on’s in the nearby estate…

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Sara Holmes – Issue 01 – The Fangs of Inverness

Heading north to the quiet village of Inverness, the young lad Sara Holmes has found himself at odds with young enthusiast Alfred Innsmith and his strange canine problem…

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