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The Sara Holmes series is an episodic webcomic. It follows the adventures of young Sara Holmes, a Mythical Regulator, who travels through the British isles and the four corners of Europe helping any and all folks with their troubles.

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Sara Holmes – Issue 05 – The Nobles of Brighton

The gang heads down to the coast to gather important information on the whereabouts of the young Baron Abigail Beaufort. Sara finds himself amongst the elite of English nobles, the Baron of River Adur, Ernest Chester.

Release Date: Late 2018 or Early 2019

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Sara Holmes – Issue 04 – The Baron of River Tay

After a long night of tackling the menace that was Malcolm Hatter, Sara, George and the young Alice Little return to Dundee to meet Sara’s employer. The Baron of River Tay, Robert Mead.

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