Assassin In The Rain

Dishonored: Assassin In The Rain

A Dishonored Fan Comic
Complete: March 13′ – August 13′

Recording his memoirs for future reference to all of Dunwall, the young Treavor Pendleton recounts a very unsettling event that until now, he had buried away. 

You can read Assassin In the Rain here: Assassin In The Rain


— Cast – 

Name: Treavor Pendleton

Youngest of three brothers, Treavor spends most of his time trying to claw his way out of the shadows of his older twin siblings, Morgan and Custis. In wake of the plague, he has taken refuge with a group known as a Loyalists, his faithful servant Wallace along side him. The looming thoughts that the city could be brought to ruin, Treavor now spends his days recounting the exaggerated events of his past.

Name: Custis and Morgan Pendleton

Twin older brothers of Treavor Pendleton and leading men of wealth in Dunwall, Custis and Morgan have taken to all matters of things to get what they want. Custis, the brain of the outfit, spends most of his time reveling in the politics of Dunwall. While his brother, Morgan, spends the majority of his time taking in the pleasures. Known for being two of the most cruelest men in all of Dunwall, it’s any wonder Treavor has a hard time recounting another positive from his childhood that involved the sadistic twins. Treavor will knowingly spend most of his time recounting the horrible events that his brothers brought upon him.

Name: Wallace Higgins

Head servant of Pendleton manor and personal servant of Treavor, Wallace has sworn time and time again his allegiance to his young master. Even going as far as to question the ethics of his masters own brothers. Wallace will always serve Treavor, even if it means taking the brunt of the young masters aggression.

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