About Konira Comics

Konira Comics is home to any and all sequential based work illustrated and written by Shelbie “KoniraThax” Pilcher. This includes various one-shots and full-length comics, both for original and pre-existing series.

(Delirium is currently being reworked into a series of novels that will be released in 2021. 
More information in later 2020.)

– Original Series –

Delirium *
Sara Holmes +
Dealing With Dungeons +

Nate Varal: The Tale of Equinox
Elisabeth Raynard: The Tale of Autumn ♦
Jun-Shi-Song: The Tale of Winter ♦
Marco Valentine: The Tale of Spring ♦
Jarah: The Tale of Summer ♦

– Fan Comics –

Don Paolo: The Secret of Vermillion ♦

Gallius Murtin: Guardian Of Night *

Dishonored: Assassin in the Rain ♦
Zsasz: Whitechapel ♦

+ – Still in Progress
♦ – Complete
* – Never Completed

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For Business Inquiries: koniracomics@gmail.com


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